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It’s been a while!

July 4, 2014

It has been a while since I first wrote on this blog, almost 2 years it seems. So why haven’t I carried on with it?

A few reasons, time being one of them. I went through a very busy period in my life, with work and personal life taking most of it. I sent my manuscript off to a few agents and was rejected which I did expect. But I was hopeful that somebody would have been interested.

So instead of crying over it and becoming dejected, I did more research and learnt a lot about the business side of writing. It seems that my manuscript is too long as a first time writer. This meant that I effectively chopped my book in half and spent some time on fixing it up.

I also discovered that you need to edit the MS first before sending it to an agent. Here I was under the assumption that you find an agent and they sign you up and supply you with an editor. Oops.

I was fortunate enough to find an editor in Nerine Dorman, who has been very patient with me as I learn how to write. Seems I have forgotten basic English.

I proudly sent her my MS and was being realistic in waiting for her to finish editing it. I knew there would be some work to do to make it readable, but I was not prepared for what looked like the Battle of Blood River. I had forgotten a lot of English.

I spent most of the beginning of this year making the suggested alterations and trying to learn more about the craft of world building and how to be a better story teller. I have sent the revised MS back to Nerine, and received it back with less red scribbles on it.

But I still have so much to learn! I had to Google what a present participle is. Part of my ongoing self study, is to write short stories and to enter into what competitions I can find.

I entered one such competition which closed on Monday, the Short Story Africa Day competition, and I hope to enter into a few more within the next few months. I am also planning to enter some of my work onto an online critic workshop, and hopefully I will be able to pick up more tips and tricks.

For now, I have just started with the 3rd round of revision for my book, and it seems that I will be making some serious alterations on how I have written it so far.

But, you only learn through making mistakes. And so I continue to learn.

I will be trying to find more time to keep this blog, my Facebook page and profile more up to date, and hopefully will be more successful in that.

Till next time.



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