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Hello world!

December 1, 2012

So, apparently, everybody has a blog. So why do I have one? Mainly because I wanted to comment on somebody elses blog and had to create a profile. Another reason is, my brother-in-law asked me why I havent created one? Seeing as I am writing a book, it may be interesting to put out there my progress. Well, maybe that is a good idea.

How often will I update this? When I remember too!

For those who have read this blog, thanks, and come again.





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  1. Tim Kinnell permalink

    I think you need a hug, just because you rock so much :-)… Better ask Marsha because i am not giving you one 🙂 Long live the Sick Sicilian Sailor…

  2. Tracy permalink

    Hahha ah you make me laugh..
    But its cool well done 🙂

  3. Good on you, welcome to the dizzee world of pasturised manners & Tv dinners, wombilized digital sub systems, pressed and squeezed for every word, your grey jelly could advocate. I shall have a marzen gold on you and your tempered step…

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